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A Reservoir of Artistic Diversity in Los Angeles


Julie Hunter Bagish
Ceramic Artist/Print Maker/Photographer

Juls Pottery (Teaching Studio)
Growling Fish Gallery (open daily, noon-4PM)


KCET article 10/8/12

JULIE HUNTER BAGISH, for more than twenty years, has maintained a unique outdoor studio, JULS POTTERY & PRINTS, in a small fig grove, in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, where she teaches and creates one-of-a-kind hi-fire stoneware and porcelain, functional and nonfunctional work. The studio is featured in the fifth edition of "Hands In Clay," by John Toki. Honored in 9/01, she was invited to demonstrate at the WORLD FESTIVAL OF CERAMICS, in Ichon, Korea, where her work is permanently in the museum collection.She is shown locally at the JAPANESE NATIONAL MUSEUM and the CRAFT AND FOLKART MUSEUM, where she has created a four foot by eight foot installation of ceramic leaves, for the "CELEBRATING NATURE/CONTEMPORARY CRAFT EXPRESSIONS" show (8/04).

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